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Sign the Petition: Stop The Wars, Stop the Warming

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Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming

Dear Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) is concerned about war and global warming. This year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fifth assessment report on the state of the climate. From its analysis and modelling, the IPCC warns that humanity is on a path toward dangerous climate change if we do not immediately and deeply reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Unfortunately, greenhouse gas emissions and military expenditures are rising. Over the past decade, global emissions have risen 25% and the global military budget has increased 92% to $1.7 trillion. We are troubled that the federal government spent $23 billion on the Department of National Defence but only $1 billion on Environment Canada, the lead agency on climate change last year. Not only does the military consume a lot of finances but it also consumes a lot fuel for its operations, particularly from fighter jets. We are opposed to the participation of the Canadian Air Force in the bombing of Iraq because of the threat to civilian life and the growing climate crisis.

In recognition of UN Disarmament Week we are calling on you and your government to tackle the climate crisis with a peace and disarmament approach:

1) Reduce Canada's military expenditures and redirect to environmental and social needs
2) End Canadian military involvement in Iraq
3) Stop fossil fuel subsidies and redirect to renewable energy (not nuclear)
4) Put a price on carbon
5) Develop and implement a deep decarbonization plan for Canada
6) Cancel the new fighter jet program and invest instead in a green, peace economy


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