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Mother’s Day for Peace Special membership offer.


Renew your membership @ $50 and add a $50 donation and receive a complimentary copy of Unfolding Power:  Documents in 20th Century Canadian Women’s History valued at $74.90. 



Donate, or pay your Membership

Join VOW today. 

  • Our suggested membership is $50.00 or pay what you can.
  • Associate membership (male) is $50.00 or pay what you can.
  • Institutional Membership $75.00
  • Student membership is only $20.00 or pay what you can.

Thank you for your support!

You can donate to or pay your membership dues to Canadian Voice of Women for Peace in different ways:

1.  Automatic monthly bank or credit union account withdrawals  Click here 

(Do you want to change your  monthly bank/credit union withdrawal amount)? Click here and print this authorization (or write neatly). Indicate it is a CHANGE in the monthly amount. Mail it to the VOW address on the bottom.

Donating monthly helps us better plan our budgets and sustains our work and makes you a member of our Peacebuilder’s Circle. Automatic monthly bank or credit union account withdrawals is also preferred to donating monthly through PayPal, as we do not incur any fees. 

2.  Donate on-line to VOW (via PayPal):  click on the Donate at top or bottom of this page

You do not have be a PayPal subscriber to use your credit card.

Do you want to change your monthly PayPal donation?

  • Go to your PayPal account
  • Cancel the current monthly amount
  • Start a new amount

3.   Mail VOW your donation cheque

If your are starting or renewing your membership, please indicate on the cheque.
Please make cheques payable to “Canadian Voice of Women for Peace” and send them to:

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
125-597 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON
M4L 1V6

New member? Click here to fill out the Membership Form.

Leave a legacy of your commitment to peace and justice. Please consider putting VOW in your will.

Need help with this process? Contact SandraLaya at  416-603-7915 or by email


Canadian Voice of Women for Peace,
579 Kingston Road Mailbox 125, Toronto, Ontario M4E 1R3.


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