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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Janis Alton, M.A. (Political Science) is a long-time activist in the domestic and international peace movement focused on the delegitimization of war, demilitarization, and the inclusion of women directly in all decision-making processes of peacebuilding from conflict prevention to reconstruction. She has conducted 20 study/consultation/lobbying tours for women to United Nations sites, initiated and coordinated many national women and peace conferences and international workshops. Janis is Co-Chair of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

Janis Alton

Janis Alton, M.A. (Political Science) is a long-time activist in the domestic and international peace movement focused on the delegitimization of war, demilitarization, and the inclusion of women directly in all decision-making processes…. Read more.

Lyn Adamson

Lyn Adamson is an experienced trainer in conflict resolution with St. Stephen’s Conflict Resolution Service, and is a trainer with Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada. A Quaker and mother of two, Lyn is a member of the boards of: Greenspiration, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative and Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada.

Judith Wouk

Judith Wouk

Judith Wouk participated in her first anti-nuclear demonstration at the age of 14.  She joined the Voice of Women when she arrived in Nova Scotia in 1980 and never looked back.  She is now retired, living in Ottawa, and able to spend more time on activities she finds rewarding.


Sandy Greenberg

Sandy Greenberg  “I have been a member of the Nova Scotia Voice of Women for about 15 years… I feel a responsibility to join with other voices calling for peace, disarmament, women’s rights, and social justice.” Read more


Hannah Hadikin

Hannah Hadikin is a long standing feminist peace, human rights and social justice activist.   I am deeply committed to addressing structural causes to wars, poverty, social inequality, environmental degradation and promoting a vision where differences are respected and honoured.  read more


Ellen Judd is an anthropologist and peace activist.  She has long been active in working against war and for disarmament. Her current peace activism includes work to oppose hatred and Islamophobia and to build bridges across cultural and political barriers.  As a professor of anthropology, she conducts research on gender, teaches the anthropology of gender/feminist anthropology and the anthropology of human rights, and works with graduate students in peace and conflict studies


Tamara Lorincz

Tamara Lorincz is a long-time member of the Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace and the Halifax Peace Coalition. She is also on the national board of the Canadian Voice of Women and on the international advisory committee of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space with Dr. Helen Caldicott. Read more.

Brigid Grant

Brigid Grant

Brigid Toole Grant stands among those Fredericton artists whose painterly direction and style was informed and influenced by the presence of the UNB Art Centre and, particularly, the resident artists who impacted activities there in the short and long term since the 1940s – including Lucy Jarvis, Fritz Brandtner, Alfred Pinsky, and Bruno and Molly Lamb Bobak. Read more

Catherine Lathwell

Catherine Lathwell

Catherine Lathwell is an accounting professional in the final stages of CPA certification.  She is an unwavering advocate for peace with interests in the fine arts and documentary film.  Catherine served on the VOW National Board and the Quaker Committee for Refugees in the mid 1990’s and is returning to volunteer work after a long hiatus.

Yusur Al Bahrani

Yusur Al Bahrani

Yusur Al Bahrani a journalist who has written for several national and international publications focusing on foreign affairs, women’s rights and environmental issues. She’s currently a national board member at Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), and has MA of Journalism from Ryerson University. In addition to journalism, Yusur is a communications and social media expert.


Honorary Board of Directors

Mary Wynne-Ashford

Mary Wynne-Ashford

Mary Wynne -Ashford, M.D. – VOW (BC) Long time activist and author promoting the total abolition of nuclear weapons and non-violence alternatives to conflict resolution. She has been a leader in the international peace and disarmament movement for several decades. Read more.


Jean Augustine

Jean Augustine is a former Canadian politician and the first black woman in a federal cabinet as well as the first African Canadian to occupy the Speaker’s Chair in the Canadian House of Commons. Augustine arrived in Canada in 1960 and graduated from the University of Toronto with a master in education. Read more

Kim Phuc

Kim Phuc – tells an inspiring story of courage and forgiveness unlike any other. Once an iconic child symbol of war, she is now a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the  Culture of Peace. Her remarkable journey has taken her from Vietnam to Cuba and finally, in 1992, to Canada. Read more.

Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick is a prominent journalist, activist, and feminist.Rebick first gained prominence as a feminist advocate as president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women from 1990-1993. Read more.

Metta Spencer

Metta Spencer

Metta Spencer is a sociologist, writer, peace researcher, and activist. She serves on the steering committee of the International Peace Bureau. Spencer spent many years as an academic in the US and Canada. Read more.