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Young Canadian Voice of Women (YC VOW)


Young women working for peace. . . . .

Welcome to YCVOW—the Young Canadian Voices of Women for Peace! We are primarily a grassroots organization that views peace, social justice and respect for the environment, globally and locally, as being interconnected. We bring this connection to life by working in solidarity with young Canadian women, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), other Canadian organizations, and women’s peace and justice organizations around the world.
Established in 2010, we are a non-partisan organization run by young women, serving as the youth arm of VOW Canada. YCVOW began with a small group of young women committed to the mission and values of VOW, with the vision of increasing the involvement of young Canadian women in the quest for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

VOW itself was established in 1960 as a non-partisan organization with a diverse membership. For 50 years, VOW has advocated for a world without war, for nuclear disarmament, climate justice and peace education. YCVOW fully supports these causes. Specifically, YCVOW focuses on four pressing concerns:

  1. Nuclear Disarmament
  2. Peace Education
  3. Climate Justice
  4. Implementation of UN Resolution 1325

We are committed to feminist principles such as dismantling oppressive structures that perpetuate and enable violence and conflict around the world. Organizational decision-making is done in a non-hierarchal consensus model, which allows all members to have involvement in, and ownership of our essential work towards peace.

Our Work

YCVOW is committed to grassroots action and community engagement as tools to achieve our mission. Our work in these areas falls into three broad categories:

  1. Education and Awareness

We are committed to engaging the public with creative education techniques, and utilizing the latest social media and advertising tools in our campaigns.  We mobilize teachers, students and community members around peace issues such as the impact of nuclear arms and power, environmental injustice, the shortage of women involved in peace processes, and the negative effects that a lack of peace education can have on local and global communities.

  1. Advocacy

Our work focuses on local and global issues and campaigns, as we see the global and local spheres as being inherently interconnected. We advocate for peace-building street theatre, support women living in regions of conflict, attend UN conferences, and promote the white poppy campaign.

  1. Non-violent action

We fully believe Non-violent direct action is the key to creating social change. We recognize that building a conflict-free future requires conflict-free action. We use vigils, protests, marches, letter writing campaigns, and demonstrations in order to further our vision for peace.

Get Involved
Our success depends on YOU, our supporters, spreading the word, volunteering your time, fundraising, educating, and inspiring new members to join. There are a number of ways you can get involved:

Spread the word
First, sign up as a member. Membership fees for students are only $20/year. Becoming part of the peace solution is as simple as talking about it. War only continues because people believe that it will lead to security and peace. Talking about the alternative nonviolent route to peace is the first step in creating true change. We make spreading the word easy. With your membership you will receive a monthly e-newsletter. We will update you on member activities in Canada and around the globe.

High School
If you are a high school student, try starting a group at your school to raise funds or awareness for our campaigns.

On Campus
If you are a university student, start a club or join a club that already exists on your campus. If you are interested in starting a YCVOW club, we have all the organizational supports you could ask for.

If you are a community member, you can get involved in some of the events we are running in the community, attend members’ meetings, organize your own event, or start a sub-committee.
For Teachers
YCVOW is committed to education and awareness. As such, we take teacher and classroom involvement in the Peace Solution very seriously. We want to share peace education resources with teachers interested in peace. Teachers can also request a speaker from YCVOW to come and energize their classrooms with our volunteers’ energy and passion for peace. We show film clips and tell personal stories to inspire young people to take action.Fundraise
You can organize your very own fundraising event. This is a great way to engage your own social and/or professional networks to raise the much-needed funds to support our national campaigns and projects in our partner organizations.
For more information, contact us at