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Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in General News

White Poppy Campaign


The white poppy campaign started in Britain in 1933 by women in the Women’s Co-operative Guild who had lost family members in the First World War, as a “definite pledge to peace that war must not happen again.” This campaign has continued over the years by the British Peace Pledge Union and peace activists all over the world.


The white poppy is a symbol of hope and determination to bring an end to war. The white poppy can be worn alone or with the red poppy. It offers a way to remember all the war dead, many of whom are civilians. In fact, in modern warfare, more than 90% of those killed are civilians, including many women and children, who are also increasingly subjected to sexual assault. Fifty-seven million people are currently displaced from their homes and live as refugees because of war. Modern warfare also poisons and destroys the environment, and the global military produces enough greenhouse gasses to bring about climate disaster. Nuclear weapons and weapons in space are continuing as future threats. Money spent on war could be directed to human and environmental needs.


Sandy Greenberg, member of the Board of Directors for Canadian Voice of Women for Peace says,” Wearing the white poppy is a commitment to peace. To remember to end all war.