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Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Whistleblower Awardee 2013: Edward Snowden

Dear friends and colleagues,
the German Section of IALANA [IPB member organisation] and the Federation of German Scientists (FGS, the German Pugwash Group)  biannually award the Whistleblower Award. This year the prize is also awarded by Transparency International, Germany.

The award goes to … Edward Snowden.

Please find enclosed the press release of the announcement of the awardee. (see attachment)

The reasoning for awarding Edward Snowden with the Whistleblower Award will soon be available in English on

and on

Feel free to spread this information to your peers and networks.

Reiner Braun

Lucas Wirl

IALANA Büro Berlin
Marienstr. 19/20
10117 Berlin


PR Whistleblower 25.7.2013_eng.pdf