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Warrior Nation Toronto Launch Thursday, September 6, 7:00pm


“With our federal government determined to glorify war and eradicate our enduring attachment to Canada as a promoter of peace, this engaging and highly readable book alerts us
to what’s at stake—the very soul of our nation.”
~Linda McQuaig, author and journalist

Warrior Nation tells the story—the whole story. So if you are a peaceable person either by
nature or intent, you would do well to listen to Jamie Swift and Ian McKay . . .
before the last trumpet sounds.”
~Farley Mowat, author and war veteran

“With compelling prose and abundant evidence, this fearless book punctures one of Canada’s most sacred myths while challenging a complacent national narrative and warning of a
deeply worrying trajectory in national life.”
~A. B. McKillop, Chancellor’s Professor and former chair
of the history department, Carleton University

Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety
By Ian McKay and Jamie Swift

ISBN 978-1-926662-77-0 | May 2012 | $26.95 CAD | 304 pagesAdding a bold voice to recent debate over the role, cost, and reach of Canada’s military, Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety, a new book by award-winning historian Ian McKay and acclaimed journalist Jamie Swift, provides a critical perspective on both Canada’s growing effort to portray itself as a militaristic “warrior nation” and its exploitation of history in achieving this end.Once known for peacekeeping, Canada is becoming a militarized nation whose right-wing apostles—the New Warriors—are fighting to shift public opinion. New Warrior zealots seek to transform postwar Canada’s central myth-symbols. Peaceable kingdom. Just society. Multicultural tolerance. Reasoned public debate. Their replacements? A warrior nation. Authoritarian leadership. Permanent political polarization.

This compelling history casts a vivid light on a story crucial to Canada’s future. From swashbuckling marauder William Stairs, the Royal Military College graduate who helped make the Congo safe for European pillage, to Vimy Ridge veteran and leader of the UN’s first big peacekeeping operation, General Tommy Burns, to Governor General John Buchan, a concentration camp developer and race theorist who is exalted in the Harper government’s new citizenship guide, Warrior Nation is an essential read for those concerned by the relentless effort to conscript Canadian history.

About the Authors
Ian McKay is a professor of history at Queen’s University and author of the award-winning Reasoning Otherwise: Leftists and thePeoples Enlightenment in Canada, 1890–1920. Jamie Swift is the author of a dozen books, from biography and corporate muckraking to political theory and environmental politics.

Find out more about Warrior Nation

Watch the book trailer for Warrior Nation!

Elaborating on the book’s key themes, McKay and Swift have written a piece that asks “What’s Wrong With Celebrating the War of 1812?”
Jamie Swift will be on The Agenda on TVO August 6th and 7th.  If you miss the broadcast TVO will be posting the interview on their website. Both McKay and Swift will be at the Kingston WritersFest on Saturday September 29th.

Thank you to our event co-sponsors:War Resisters Support Group, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Edward Day Gallery

War Resisters Support Campaign Canadian Voice of Women for Peace