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Posted by on Apr 19, 2012 in General News

VOWs new website, Facebook and Twitter

Dear VOWs,

Have you had a chance to look at our new and improved website?
It is now easier than ever for us to upload videos and add photos. Soon our print newsletter VOICES will also be available. We are always open to suggestions and submissions and love to hear from our members and about the exciting work you are doing for peace in your communities. You will also want to “like” us out on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Also a reminder that your membership fee is due for 2012. Many of you have already sent in your payment but for those who haven’t, we really appreciate your support. The amount is still only $35.00 or pay what you can and our student amount is only $20.00 or pay what you can. It is so important to continue our valuable work and to continue a strong presence of women committed to peace and a healthier world. If you are not sure, please contact me at the office 416-603-7915 or by email


Sandra Ruch


from Lyn Adamson, co-chair Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Dear friends,

We are all concerned about the future for our children and grandchildren. This letter from Dr. James Hansen, former NASA scientist, describes the scale of the tar sands development. If we allow our government to go ahead with further tar sands development we are, as a society, buying into an unsustainable future. It is time for a big switch from 20th century fossil fuel dependence to a low-carbon renewable energy and conservation future. I thought you would be interested in this article. Also keep in mind there will be a forum on the afternoon of Sunday May 6th challenging us with this: Sleepwalking to Catastrophe – A Call to Action, with Alanna Mitchell and other speakers, organized by ‘For our Grandchildren’ , more info at There is a North American lobbying initiative called Citizens Climate Lobby that prepares people to speak with MPs and MPPs in favour of a carbon fee and dividend approval. More on this at – or ask me, I’m involved. We need people in each riding. Lots of support is provided for letter writing and visits to the representatives. Our timeline is the next few months, aiming to influence the September meeting of energy ministers to develop a sustainable energy plan for Canada. We CAN make a difference!

Link to James Hansen letter:

A TED talk by Dr. Hansen:

all the best,