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Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in General News

VOWs Do Not Stop for Summer

Especially with our Peace Leadership Summer Camps being only 1 week away – 3 camps in August.  Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia.  Soooooooooooooo much excitement and so many new VOWs to enhance the work we do.  There still is a wee bit of space … pass it on to young activist woman across the country.  Call or write the VOW National Office now.  (416) 716-4010  We are in the office Monday to Thursday.  click here for more information on our camps
Have you signed our petition

Tell Stephen Harper: Go To The UN, And Support The Abolition Of Nuclear Weapons!

On 26 September 2013, the UN General Assembly will host a high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament. Heads of government as well as foreign ministers and other high-level officials will attend this summit to voice their commitment to achieving a world free of nuclear weapons.

Canada has traditionally been a strong proponent of nuclear disarmament. It’s time to renew our commitment to this issue and to engage constructively with our international partners to ensure that the catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons are never again unleashed.

We call on the Canadian government to:

· Participate in the high-level meeting on 26 September 2013 at the highest possible level; and

· Highlight the humanitarian and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons and call for a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

More than two decades after the end of the Cold War, it’s past time to retire these relics of terror and pursue the peace and security of a world free of nuclear weapons!

click here to sign


ClimateFast will be held this year from September 21, the International Day of Peace, to October 2, the International Day of Nonviolence, and Gandhi’s birthday. Our fast this year will include options to carbon-fast or food fast or both. We are writing to you because your organization has goals similar to ours and has a proud record of activism on climate and environmental issues. We are hungry for climate leadership. We are asking for your renewed support.
Our goals:

  • End fossil fuel subsidies
  • Put a price on carbon
  • Support the development of a renewable energy plan for Canada

We all know that the need for action on climate change is urgent. We do not see the political will to take that action in the time frame that scientists are giving us. And that is not much time – a few years at most to turn around our energy future.
The lead up to the next election must bring commitments from those who are running (both as parties and as individual candidates) to a plan of action. Since we might have a minority government elected in 2015, we need more than one party committed to a similar plan of action so it can be undertaken right away.
Last year 103 MPs – NDP, Liberal, Green, and Independent (including Bob Rae, then interim Liberal leader and Elizabeth May, but not including any current leaders except Elizabeth May) – and 13 Liberal senators pledged to work for these changes. By 2015 we need a significantly greater commitment from parliamentarians.
When we meet with MPs, we regularly hear that constituents do not raise concern about the climate crisis with them, so it has not yet become a political priority. We all need to work together to build a popular movement for change. To do this, please join us.
We are asking you to:

  • Endorse the campaign this year on our website (
  • Send an invitation to your members to take the pledge to fast and write a letter or visit their own and other MPs to ask that our goals become their political priority, and talk to their friends about the consequences of the climate crises should we fail to act. (Information about our campaign, fasting, as well as a sample letter to MPs are on our ClimateFast site.)
  • Consider holding your own event (e.g. a companion fast, letter writing session, candlelight vigil) Invite your members to hold events in cities across the country to raise awareness. Submit your events for posting on our website.
  • Publish stories about the climate crisis in your newsletter or blog.

Visit and pledge your renewed support for the ClimateFast 2013 campaign. We look forward to hearing from you!
Lyn Adamson, Rita Bijons, Frances Deverell, Sylvia Grady, Amelia Rose Khan, Margaret Rao, Dewan Afzal, Nadine Hawkins, Patricia Warwick, Betty Muir
The ClimateFast Team,
Hungry for Climate Leadership
Website address:
Contact us by using this form:
Telephone: (416) 731 6605
“There is a willful blindness on the part of our government that deliberately ignores the threat of climate change for all Canadians. Canada, of all industrialized nations, is at greatest risk of climate change’s catastrophic consequences for our melting Arctic regions, rising marine waters along our coasts, climate dependent resources like agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism and winter sports, and our economic future. Thank you for putting yourselves on the line to call for action of our government.” David Suzuki

Enter The 2013 I VOW 4 PEACE Contest 

We want to hear from women and girls of all ages from across Canada to tell us why peace is important to you and how you intend to build a sustainable culture of peace.  


First You’ll Need To Register With YouTube.Com To Open Your Account. Upload Your Video Clips Be Sure To Include The Phrase ‘I VOW 4 PEACE’ Title Somewhere In The Description. Send Us The Public URL Of The Movie (For Example: Http://Www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V=X4FmcicbA5U) Along With Your Name And Email Address Usinginfo@Vowpeace.Org. We Will Add Links To All The Entries On This Page As We Receive Them. The Public Will Vote On Their Favorites.

The Author Of The Winning Video Will Win A 3 Year Voice Of Women Membership, A Spot To Join VOW At The 58th UN Session On The Status Of Women In NYC, Free Entrance To The 3- Day Annual General Meeting (Which Includes The Cost Of Lectures And Special Performances), And I VOW For Peace Certificate

2rd Prize

1-Year VOW Membership, VOW For Peace Certificate

All entrants receive a VOW for Peace Certificate