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Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in General News

VOW supports Sisters in Spirit and in solidarity with Native Women’s Association of Canada

This 20th anniversary of  National Aboriginal Day, we honour Indigenous peoples culture, families and communities.

VOW  supports Sisters in Spirit and  in solidarity with Native Women’s Association of Canada  and their

vision where all people can lead healthy lifestyles by maintaining balance in their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

Project PEACE (Prevention, Education, Action, Change and Evaluation) is a three-year initiative funded by the Status of Women Canada (SWC) to promote safety, violence prevention and solution based approaches for Aboriginal women and girls through engagement processes.

Project PEACE will enable the creation of personal safety nets for Aboriginal women and girls, which once established will support and build momentum towards a continuum of actions leading to greater economic stability and decrease in poverty.

Project PEACE is developing a toolkit to support Aboriginal women and girls in achieving their personal and professional life goals and ambitions. In addition, a toolkit will be developed for Aboriginal men and boys, to assist to end violence against Aboriginal women and girls.