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Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Blogs

VOW inspired for Transformational Change

Never before has VOW felt so inspired for transformational change. We have a new government and with it a
great opportunity. This government is engaging more youth in politics and has more women and Indigenous MP’s
than ever before. This is the time for our Voices to be heard as we work together to strengthen our vision for a better
Canada and a better world.
We need you to make it happen. Consider supporting VOW with a monthly or one-time donation, renewing your
membership or becoming a member today.
We are thrilled to announce our VOW Action Manifesto for 2016 with our 12 peace priorities. VOWs have been
sending letters to our new Prime Minister. Very soon we will be sending these to the new members of Parliament as
1. Stop Canada’s bombing of Syria and Iraq and withdraw our troops from the Ukraine
2. Open our borders to more refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq
3. Sign and ratify the Arms Trade Treaty
4. Cancel the $15 billion General Dynamics Canada contract to send weapons to Saudi Arabia and instead
invest in a strategy for green jobs and renewable energy
5. Stop the secretive $26 billion Canadian Surface Combatant program and instead build affordable housing
and public transportation across the country
6. Reduce military spending and redirect funds to social and environmental needs
7. Implement the recommendations of the External Review into Sexual Misconduct and Harassment in the
Canadian Armed Forces
8. Launch a public inquiry into Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and create a
national strategy to end gender-based violence
9. Hold a public inquiry into Canada’s complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees
10. Convene public consultations for a green paper on national defence and security and on the establishment of
a Department of Peace
11. Advance the United Nations’ Security Council agenda on Women, Peace & Security
12. Show leadership in nuclear disarmament and host an international meeting on the proposed UN Nuclear
Weapons Convention to abolish these weapons of mass destruction.

VOW has some very exciting and impactful initiatives slated for 2016. These initiatives are seizing the opportunity to address and optimize our peace priorities. In early Spring 2016 we are going to Ottawa to bring these peace priorities to our members of Parliament. In March we will lead another delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. We hope you will join us both in person and financially.
This year we held four peace leadership camps from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. More camps are being planned for next year across the country. Young women are learning new skills to be effective peacemakers. Together women of all ages are determined to take action.
However, we cannot continue to be effective without your financial support. Canadian Voice of Women for Peace is in a difficult place financially. Our modest reserves do not earn significant interest to fund our work, and our current income does not cover all our bills. We continue to struggle to make ends meet.
$ for $ Match for Change
To ensure that we move these initiatives forward in the most impactful way, we created the November “Match for Change” Campaign. Once again we have a very generous donor who will give VOW up to $5000 as part of a matching campaign. Yes! You give an amount and our donor will match it. WOW!!! We need your Donation along with your 2015-2016 membership (Suggested $50 or pay what you can) or your monthly donation (of $5, $15 or $25) to help us reach our fundraising goal.
Your monthly donation will make you a member of our Peacebuilders Circle. We want 50 more women to join the Circle now. Whether you contribute $5 per month, or $15, or $25, your monthly contribution is the single most important way you can support VOW.


Ask your family or close friends to support us. Talk to them in person, call them, text them, or even give them a gift of VOW membership. (open to women and associate membership for men).
Peace is the foundation for a just and sustainable society. We look forward to your support and working together for peace.
In peace from Sandra Ruch, National Coordinator, and the VOW Board of Directors:
Janis Alton, Lyn Adamson, Yusur Al-Bahrani, Susan Berry, Sandra Boisvert, Hannah Hadikin, Brigid Grant, Sandy Greenberg, Catherine Lathwell, Marilou McPhedran, and Judith Wouk