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Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in General News

VOW expresses its deep condolences for the passing of member and activist Gloria Paul of New Brunswick

Gloria Paul was a compassionate psychiatric nurse and active citizen in New Brunswick. She ran the retreat, Pilgrimage House, at her home in the town of Hoyt. Paul was a survivor of the London Blitz during World World II.

She became a lifelong peace activist with Project Ploughshares and Voice of Women for Peace, a founder of the Fredericton Peace Coalition, advocate for a Department of Peace, a voice for Agent Orange survivors, opponent of U.S. bases and imperialism and glyphosate spraying. She also supported many environmental groups and campaigns including the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. Paul regularly spoke out about the environmental and human impacts of war. She explained what it was like to live through bombs falling on London as a child. Paul also shared the horrors of the use of Agent Orange on people in and around Gagetown and in Vietnam. Throughout her long active life working for peace and social and environmental justice, Gloria Paul reminded us again and again to never believe the lie that war is inevitable.

Paul passed away last month and a funeral service was held in Fredericton on March 29. She is deeply missed by the community.