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Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Blogs

VOW at the People’s Social Forum, Ottawa, August 2014

I was one of three VOW board members to attend this gathering, held mostly at the University of Ottawa. Paraphrasing the program, the intent was to create a world in which many worlds are possible, weaving collective movements together to face the crisis of our times head-on, and counter the government’s attacks on our rights, our jobs, our environment, our services, and our future. Through workshops, presentations, demonstrations, assemblies, and cultural activities we all taught and we all learned, to see the interconnectedness of all our struggles, campaigns, and movements, and to find each other.

The kick-off was a People’s Unity March on August 21 with the theme “Build/Win Together. The Future is Ours!” After two days full of concentrated workshops, the finale was the World Social Forum Connection Assembly with reports from all the Movement Assemblies including Indigenous Solidarity Movement, Fighting Back against Imperialism and Militarism, Water, Student Movement, Feminist Alternatives and Resistance, Alternate Media, Mining Justice, Social Movements on Climate Change, Migration and Migrant Justice, Palestine and the Palestinian people, and others.

VOW had a table with our pamphlets and other literature, which many people picked up. I attended several workshops on using social media for organizing, spoke with people at other displays including the Council of Canadians and Food not Bombs, and attended a Water Ceremony with a First Nations Grandmother. A very worthwhile experience!

Judith Wouk
Board of Directors, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace