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Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in General News

Urgent: write your MP now – Acting on Climate Change: A Path Forward for Canada

Dear members,

We are writing to encourage you to become involved in an urgent campaign for coordinated climate action by our federal, provincial and territorial governments.  Attached you will find a letter sent today to the Prime Minister, all MPs and (in a slightly revised version) to the premiers.  VOW is one of 55 signatories as we consider action on climate as critical for a sustainable future.

We urge you to contact your own MP to express your concern for climate action, and attach this letter.  If you have a few more minutes, send also to your provincial MPP, MLA or MNA.  You can find your MP here.

Please see below a draft below.  You may certainly modify it to express the concerns as you see them; individually worded letters mean more when opened by the MP’s assistant.  Indeed a very important influence on the MP is the constituent.  They do keep track of the concerns they hear from you.

Important to VOW is the understanding that a renewable energy future means a non-nuclear future.  We signed this letter knowing that is what is generally understood by the term renewable energy.  You may wish to emphasize this point (particularly in your letters to MPs and MPPs in Ontario where rebuilding of nuclear plants is on the table.)

The timing is critical: the PM and Premiers will meet on Thursday March 3rd in Vancouver.  They need to know that the public is with them in pressing forward with the steps outlined in this letter.  Your voice counts.

With thanks,

Lyn Adamson

VOW Co-Chair


Hello (your MP’s Name)

Thank you for (anything positive your MP has said or done related to the environment).

I am extremely concerned about global warming and the consequential impacts of climate change, and I am relieved that our new government played a positive role at the COP21 Climate Talks in Paris.

Now it is time for Canada to take decisive, positive action and make Canadians proud of our country’s response to climate change.  Our PM and Premiers need to work together for a peaceful and sustainable future.

Please see attached (or in a link) a letter signed by Voice of Women for Peace, and 54 other concerned organizations, that has been sent to the Prime Minister, the Premiers and all Members of Parliament.

As your constituent, I wanted to send it to you personally as I  hope you will be a champion for climate action in your own Caucus.

Very best wishes to you and for your work in the challenging and pivotal days ahead,

Your full name

Your address, with postal code (shows you are in the riding)

Phone # (optional)