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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in General News

Urgent – Stop Bill C38 – you must take action today!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear friends,

If you can possibly come out today to your closest conservative MPs office, please do.  It’s time to stand up and be counted!

The government is poised to push through Bill C38 a massive 450 page bill which will amend 70 laws, slash environmental protection, and bring in a myriad of other changes with no public scrutiny.

The Opposition parties and Elizabeth May in particular will do what they can to hold up the vote – but the conservatives have a majority.  Nothing will move them unless mass movements do so – that means lots and lots of us including  those who are not usually active expressing our voices. We must reach out.

This Toronto Star article gives useful background.–ominous-omnibus-budget-bill-will-impact-millions  and explains why its so important to have masses of people visibly upset (otherwise we just don’t matter). The site gives more info and provides links to writing your MP.  The Liberals and NDP both have petitions on their sites and even AVAAZ has an on-line petition. NOW a fabulous initiative by young people to mobilize a progressive political voice in Canada has put together hosts for demos at 77 MPs offices tonight, Wednesday at 5:30 pm.  Now what we need is for people to be there.  So be there if you can!

I’m part of a National Day of Action to stop and split the Omnibus Budget Bill, and I’m writing to invite you to me, and thousands of other Canadians.

The actions are taking place outside of Conservative MP offices, and support locations across the country on Wednesday, June 13th, at 5:30PM. Our goals are to protest the Omnibus Budget Bill’s anti-democratic agenda for Canada, and call for 13 “hero” MPs to work together to stop it, split it, and start over. 

As the showdown heats up in Parliament, this is the key moment for us to shine a bright spotlight on these MPs. Only a flood of public support for MPs with deep concerns about the Bill can give them the courage they need to stand up for our democracy.

This Bill will gut our environmental protections, hollow out our economy, and damage our society. We need your help to make sure Canadians know about this.

I’d love for you to join us, and spread the word. You can find an event near you at:

And, you can learn more about why the Budget Bill is a bad deal for Canada at:

I’ll be going to the demo at Joe Oliver’s office, on Lawrence just west of Bathurst, on the south side.  We’ll have a coffin with Canada’s Parliament (an artist’s depiction of it) inside the coffin.
Come and join in if you can!

– Lyn Adamson

Co chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace