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Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in General News

UN Working Group on Nuclear Disarmament

The new UN working group on nuclear disarmament begins today in Geneva, Switzerland. This is it’s first session and it will meet between 22 – 26 February. The working group is open to all states, and is a unique opportunity for governments to start working on developing the elements for a new treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

Thanks to everyone who sent emails to your UN Ambassador last week! Our ICAN team will make sure to follow-up with all delegations during the meetings this week to let them know we expect them to support a ban on nuclear weapons.

Here are a few things you can do to keep updated on what’s going on at the UN working group throughout the meetings this week:

√ Read our latest Huffington Post article about why this meeting is important.

√ Follow the discussions on Twitter. ICAN will tweet highlights and updates from the meetings via @nuclearban and you can follow other comments through the hashtags #OEWG and #goodbyenukes

√ Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for instant snapshots from the meetings and interviews with our campaigners and government representatives.

√ Visit our website for articles and analysis of the meetings

Let’s get started!
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