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Posted by on Mar 9, 2009 in Our Work

UN Security Resolution 1325


UN Security Resolution 1325 on Women Peace & Security has been a major part of VOW’s work since its inception in 2000 at the UN and in Canada. We are pleased that VOW has become a member of the International Working Group on Women Peace & Security.

1325 recognizes and reaffirms:

Women and children, account for the vast majority of those adversely affected by armed conflict, and it cannot be disputed that women and children are increasingly targeted by combatants and armed elements. 1325 recognizes the subsequent impact this has on durable peace and reconciliation and this targeting of women and girls must cease.

1325 also recognizes women have an important role in conflict resolution and in peace-building and thus their equal participation and full involvement in all efforts for the maintenance and promotion of peace and security, and the need to increase women’s roles in decision-making is necessary to help streamline gender equality and provide a more balanced approach to peace building.

By fully implementing international humanitarian and human rights law that protect the rights of women and girls during and after conflicts, peace and security is not only possible, it is the way forward.

Cora Weiss Keynote Address VOW 50th Gala (22.6 KiB)

Today’s Challenges for Women in Peacebuilding include:

Negligable number of women in all levels of decision-making roles around the world.

Insufficient gender indicators & international assessment tools and the resources needed to monitor and evaluate.

A lack of National Action Plans (NAP) for the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. Currently, there are less than a dozen NAPs worldwide. Although Canada was the lead group on 1325 at the UN, we have yet to adopt a NAP.

One of the solutions…

The UN General Assembly took into account the agreed upon conclusions from the 52nd CSW calling upon all Member States to the following:

“incorporate a gender perspective into the design, development, adoption and execution of all policies and budgetary processes, as appropriate, in order to promote equitable, effective and appropriate resource allocation and establish adequate budgetary allocations to support gender equality and development programmes that enhance women’s empowerment.”

1325 - UN Resolution (33.7 KiB)

For more information on UNSCR 1325 GAPS uk or No Woman No Peace