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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in General News

The CPP Investment Board is holding its biennial Public Meetings on June 11.

Dear friends!!

The CPP Investment Board is holding its biennial Public Meetings on June 11.

These meetings are only held once every two years, so it’s an opportunity to take advantage of when we can. I believe some media may be interested in covering our comments/questions at these meetings.

It would be really great if some VOW folks could join in these meetings! Can you spread the word to VOW members and supporters?

There will be nine public meetings, in nine cities, in nine provinces, on June 11. The times and places of these meetings were just announced on the CPPIB website.

Webcast viewers of these meetings can also submit questions but need to register in advance. (Click the link at the bottom of CPPIB’s “Public Meetings” page provided above.)

I have notified all the petition signatories who live in the nine cities where these meetings will be held. I’m also urging all the organisations that have endorsed the petition to notify their contacts.

People attending these CPPIB meetings can ask very embarrassing questions and make comments about CPP investments.

For instance people could ask general questions about the $1.5 billion that the CPP has invested in 66 companies supporting Israel’s wars, its military occupation, the destruction of Palestinian homes and orchards, and the building of checkpoints and the illegal separation wall, etc.

Or, folks could focus on a specific company that the CPP invests in. There are detailed articles dealing with 30+ such companies at our website here:

Or, some folks might want instead to ask the CPP suits about why the CPP has invested our retirement savings in:

… the World’s Largest War Industries!

… and Companies Building F-35 warplanes!