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Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Take Immediate Action to Stop Harper’s Plan to Extend the Canadian Bombing in Iraq

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We are urging you to join us in sending an immediate email to all the party leaders to let them know you are opposed to the extension of the Canadian bombing in Iraq and you want Canadian Special Forces out the region. Prime Minister Harper has just introduced a motion in the House of Commons to extend the air strikes for another six months, let’s tell him to end it, not extend it (1)!
Here are five reasons, Canadian bombing is not the answer to the conflict in Iraq:

  1. Canadian air strikes are breaking international law as there is no United Nations’ Security Council resolution or self-defense authorization that justifies them (2).
  2. Patrick Cockburn, an Iraq-based award-winning journalist and author of “The Rise of the Islamic State: ISIS and the New Sunni Revolution,” has described how the west is supporting a corrupt Shia government and that the air strikes are futile. He urges a negotiated solution (3).
  3. Human Right Watch has recently reported that the so-called allies, the Iraqi security forces and the Shia and Kurdish militias that the Canadian military is working alongside, are implicated in war crimes (4).
  4. Since September, the Canadian bombing of Iraq has failed to constrain the Islamic State and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL). Six months more of bombing will only escalate the conflict (5).
  5. The failure of the combat mission in Iraq and Afghanistan must remind us that there is no foreign military solution to violent civil conflict (6).

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) joins the international peace community that calls for a non-military, nonviolent, diplomatic solution to the crisis in Iraq (as well as in Syria, Libya, Yemen and the Ukraine). We urge the Canadian government to provide funding to support Syrian and Iraqi refugees fleeing the conflict, to open our immigration doors to Iraqi and Syrian refugees,  to help negotiate an international diplomatic and disarmament solution and to call for the implementation of a “Women, Peace & Security” agenda as required by UN Security Resolution 1325 to the crises in the region (7).
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Please sign the petition/letter now.