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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in VOW - Somali Women

Support Somali Women’s Quota (Minimum 30%) in Political Participation

Date:  August 15, 2012





Dear Canadian Voice of Women for Peace Chair and

All Members (National and Provincial)



Re: Support Somali Women’s Quota (Minimum 30%) in Political Participation


This is to convey to you, that the undersigned Somali women are concerned and lobbying to secure the minimum 30% of the Somali women’s quota in the next Parliament.  The same quota allocated for women in any other government institution whether it is Federal or Regional.  Due to the highjacked on-going selection process, women’s representation quota was undermined.


The 30% of the women’s quota was in the original understanding of the Gorowe II Road-Map agreement regarding gender representation that the signatory parties signed.  The selection process is organized in three levels, the TFG to facilitate and coordinate the overall process, the Somali tribal elders to nominate the parliamentary candidates, and the Technical Selection Committee, mandated to ensure the criteria for quality and gender representation ratio of the selected members.  In real terms, the Tribal Elders Selection Committee, nominated only 18-20%, out of the assigned 30% of the women’s quota, which falls short then the expectation.   They did not allow women to fill their seats so far, because the Tribal Elders Selection Committee is exclusively composed of men.  Since the selection process is going to end soon, before August 18, 2012, it is important that Somali women get back in full their shares of the quota. Otherwise, it will go to men, which they already did.  In reality, we are not for more, but we only need to get the minimum quota allocated for women, which is 30% out of 275 members.


Since this process is not coherent with Somali women interest, the under signed women are trying to reverse that course, and met the USA Embassy for Somalia on August 09, 2012 in Nairobi.  The women discussed about their concerns and urged to the Ambassador, alliances that are more international can help to steer the process rational towards to the Garowe II agreement of the Road-Map.  On that same day, we also met the Director of the National Democratic Institute and some core members of his staff to help on this matter.  We also wrote to other embassies in Nairobi, and now we are reaching out to you and to all our sisters in the world, to spread the word and support us on this essential matter for Somali women.  We are urging all progressive women to contact their government and to influence their embassies in the region in order to push this matter forward and up to the agreed quota.  The UN Secretary General Representative for Somali is aware and did not yet mange to convince the involved parties (Tribal Elders) to fulfill the agreement and select the remaining women from tribes.