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Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 in General News

Suncor Toxic leak

Following the Suncor pipeline toxic water leak on Monday and the release of details of another 3rd Suncor toxic leak we are hoping to send the following open letter and are looking for group sign-on.

If your organization is able to sign onto the letter please let me know. We are looking for sign-ons from groups both within and outside Alberta.

We are hoping to send the letter on Tuesday so please let me know before that point,

VOW signed this letter along with other national organizations


Dear Minister McQueen,

As representatives of environmental, First Nation, labour and landowner groups we are very concerned about the startling details just released regarding the 2011 3-day Suncor toxic release into the Athabasca river and the continued lack of information regarding the March 25, 2013 pipe burst that also went into the review.

Premier Redford has continued to assert her government’s transparency yet these two shocking incidents seem to fly in the face of that.

Related to the 2011 Suncor toxic release into the Athabasca we are hoping you can immediately publicly release answers to the following:

·      Why are we only hearing about the 2011 event now after the ability for a private prosecution has expired?

·      Who knew about this event? And when did they know?

·      How much was released?

·      Why wasn’t the public notified immediately?

·      What chemicals went into the river?

·      What chemicals are in the pond now? And

·      Why were charges never laid against Suncor?

Related to the March 25, 2013 Suncor pipe rupture and release into the Athabasca river we want you to immediately and publicly release answers to the following:

·      Who initially reported the rupture and when did they discover it?

·      What happened in the 7.45 hrs. before the Government of Alberta was notified?

·      What specific chemicals were in the pipeline?

·      How close was the rupture epicenter to the Athabasca River?

·      When will pictures of the event be released?

Finally we also think the public has a right to know about any other exceedances or incidents that have occurred with regard to tar sands companies.

In the future we also hope that rather than the public forcing the release of such information that it will instead be forthcoming from the government that the people of Alberta elected. Each time there is an exceedance the public should be notified in a very clear way, we should have basic details of the event and be able to see pictures of event. We hope this public transparency eventually becomes the norm in Alberta rather that the rarity it is now.