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Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in General News

Stop the War Peace Rally

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is holding a rally to demonstrate the need for Canada to be out of Iraq and to stop bombing Syria.

Event: Peace Rally
Focus: Canada Out of Iraq, Stop Bombing Syria
October 25
2:30 pm
U.S. Consulate (360 University Avenue)

The following is written by the Coalition:

The U.S. led bombing campaign agains ISIS in Iraq and Syria will only lead
to more terror. The reason ISIS exists in the first place is because the
U.S. killed a million people, destroyed Iraq after the invasion in 2003,
then backed a government there that fostered sectarianism to keep the
population divided. That kind of brutality only breeds more killing. More
bombing will not bring peace.

Every bombing campaign kills civilians and every civilian killed means
more recruits for ISIS. The actions of the US and its allies allow ISIS to
claim it is a legitimite anti-imperial force to people in the region.
Already, the airstrikes have led opponents such as the Jabhat al-Nusra to
join in common cause with ISIS.  Bombing is making these groups stronger.

But there are other solutions. If the west would stop arming regional
players like Saudi Arabia, who then send their weapons and money to ISIS,
we could avoid many of these problems. If Turkey would open the border to
Kurds, the killing in Kobane could end.

The Harper government is keen, as they were in 2003, to wage war against
the people of Iraq and Syria. They have already sent Canadian special
forces to the region and are sending 6 CF-18’s to bomb Iraq.

This war is fueling Stephen Harper’s agenda to militarize Canada. Under
the Conservatives, military spending has reached its highest levels since
World War II. There are now plans to expand Canadian military bases around
the world. And the military is fast becoming a central thread in the
fabric of society. Harper is also using this moment to deport US Iraq war
resisters from Canada so he can silence their calls for peace.

Canadians were right to oppose war in 2003. We need to stand up again and
say no to perpetual war!

Click here to view the Facebook event page.