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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in General News



and event:

On Parliament Hill and across Canada
Sept 21 – October 2nd, 2012
Dear friends,
We are a group of climate activists who are deeply concerned about the rapidly worsening climate crisis. One of the immediate effects is the drought we have had this summer which is resulting in high food prices and will bring about increasing hunger in our world. We want to express our concern in a way that can bring pressure for political action. This has led us to initiate a fast for climate action to be held September 21 to October 2. We call our group Hungry for Climate Leadership. Our fast and vigil for climate justice will be held on Parliament Hill.
Our fast will be held from the International Day of Peace on September 21 to the International Day of Nonviolence, Gandhi’s birthday, Oct 2. We will hold a candlelight vigil on Parliament Hill at 7:30 pm on both those dates.
We invite you to support or join in our fast in any of the following ways:
1) Write a letter to your MP – sample letter on the website
2) Fast for one or more days during the 12 days – and let us know that you are fasting with us. You can fast from anywhere in Canada and for any duration. Or you may wish to join us on Parliament Hill.
3) Help distribute this action letter to as many people as possible, via email, facebook and twitter. Please pass on to your friends, or members of any action group you are part of.
4) Plan a candlelight vigil or film showing in your community on Sept 21st, October 2nd or any date in between. We will be showing films on three occasions while in Ottawa. We plan to invite people who attend to write a letter to their MP on the spot.
The future is very uncertain right now. Our children may inhabit a planet in which the life support systems are very much weakened. The Arctic sea ice is melting now at a much faster rate than anyone had predicted. We have had decades of warning and yet governments have not taken meaningful action. We are still putting up more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year. The situation is urgent.
Yet our MPs are not hearing from their constituents that this is a matter of vital concern. To take the actions we know are needed, we need thousands of Canadians (as well as others worldwide) to raise our voices. It is also very important to write letters to the editor . These are read by MPs and other opinion leaders, as well as influencing public opinion.
An all-time children’s favourite story is Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who. Whoville is threatened with obliteration as their call for help cannot be heard. It takes every last Who standing up and shouting for their voices to come through and for their lives to be saved. That’s the situation we are facing today and, potentially, long into the future.
Please take a moment to look at our website,, and pledge your support for this initiative. Write a personal email (or handwritten letter) to your MP. You can use our points, but please personalize your letter – let your MP know why YOU are concerned. And please copy so we will know that you are joining us.
All the best, Lyn, Amelia Rose, Rita, Adriana, Dewan, Betty, Ken, Sylvia, Raven
Hungry for Climate Leadership
Here is a link to OXFAM’s study on weather extremes and hunger:
Visit and check out the information and links we have posted.
On facebook:
Consider supporting this initiative and publicizing it to your network. Individual and group endorsements are very welcome. Together we can make a difference!


Hungry for Climate Leadership will hold a fast and vigil for twelve days on Parliament Hill. Our purpose is to demand that the Canadian government address climate change, the greatest threat to our children.
As the Earth warms and extreme weather events become increasingly common, hundreds of thousands perish each year. Our children will feel the deadly effects of the carbon we pump into the atmosphere. In the second half of this century, the vast majority of humanity may perish from the droughts, floods and diseases that climate change is expected to bring. Experts estimate that by 2100 the Earth may only be able to support one billion people. Climate change is humanity’s biggest challenge, yet Canada is not making even the most modest effort to reduce this threat.
Canada’s role has been particularly damaging. We allow our emissions to grow and our government obstructs international negotiations. Canada signed the Kyoto Protocol and then declared that we have no intention of meeting our reduction commitments. With no real reduction programs in place, our emissions continue to grow. Countries that have not benefited from industrial development spurred by fossil fuels will experience the most devastating effects.
Our vigil and fast is to draw attention to the misery we are unleashing on our children and on this living world. We appeal to our lawmakers to take positive steps to reduce our emissions. Our action is a peaceful and hopeful one. We aim to inspire people and decision makers in Canada to find the courage and wisdom to press for, and put into action, the changes our children need.
First, we must eliminate fossil fuel subsidies of well over $1billion each year (about $40 for each Canadian). In 2009, Canada agreed to eliminate these subsidies. We have not done this. We give our public money to hugely profitable industries which further accelerates the damage to our climate. This shows a reckless disregard for the climate crisis. We should not promote destruction of the climate with public funds.
We must put a price on greenhouse gases and develop a real plan to emphasize conservation and renewable energy.
We ask you to contact your government representatives and demand urgent action, especially the elimination of all fossil fuel subsidies.
We suggest that you write letters to the editor of your local newpapers with the same demands.
We encourage you to join in a day of fasting. You can donate the money saved to a climate or hunger relief organization.
We invite you to endorse this statement and join us in taking action. or 416-731-6605 (Lyn Adamson)