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Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in General News

Science for Peace Lecture Series: The Nuclear Age

VOW partner Science for Peace is hosting a winter lecture series at the University of Toronto

Invitation to a Series of Free Public Lectures on Public Health in a Nuclear Age

University College, U. of Toronto Rm 179, Wednesdays 4-6 pm.
Jan 7 through April 1, 2015

The following guest lecturers are experts who will address my undergraduate class in Health Studies at U of T on the topics covered in the syllabus. I will meet that class alone one hour weekly. Then we will go into a larger hall and hear the guest lecturers, where the general public is welcome to join us. Some members of the public may wish to read the assigned texts and videos, along with my students, so as to participate in the discussion with the guest lecturers during the one-hour question period that follows their one-hour lecture. Let me know if you want a copy of the course syllabus, which shows the weekly reading and video assignments.

Metta Spencer, Emeritus professor of sociology, U. of Toronto

All are welcome. Bring a friend. Feel free to join the discussions with the speakers about these vital topics. I hope some concerned citizens will attend the whole series.

January 7, 2015: The Origins of Nuclear Science

Lecturer: Marcin Kuzniak, Ph.D.

January 14:  Radiation’s Health Effects

Lecturer: Cathy Vakil, M.D.

January 21:  Nuclear Fission and the Search For Defences

Lecturer: Professor John Valleau, University Of Toronto

January 28:  The Cold War and Nuclear Strategies

Lecturer: Ambassador Marius Grinius

February 4: The Cuban Missile and Other Nuclear Crises

Lecturer: Vinay Jindal, M.D.

February 11:  Proliferation and Control Issues

Lecturer: Cesar Jaramillo of Project Ploughshares

February 25:  Rethinking Nuclear Weapons

Lecturer: Ms. Martha Goodings

March 4:  Nuclear Power and Peaceful Nuclear Technology

Lecturer: Dr. Jeremy Whitlock, Atomic Energy of Canada

March 11:  Health, Uranium Mining, Managing Fissile Materials

Lecturer: Richard Denton, M.D. (Northern Ontario)

March 18:  Nuclear Energy’s Future: Its Safety & Environment

Lecturer: Professor John Luxat, McMaster University

March 25:  Alternative Energy: Finance, Environment, Health

Lecturer: Professor José Etcheverry, York University

April 1:  Nuclear Activism: Past, Present, and Future

Lecturer: Neil Arya, M.D., McMaster University


To visit the Science for Peace website click here.