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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Blogs

Science for Peace hosted dinner with Ward Wilson by VOW co-chair, Janis Alton

Last evening I attended a Science for Peace-hosted dinner with Ward Wilson, US author of Five Myths About Nuclear Weapon, a book praised as “Brilliant, original, and important – the best analysis yet of why nuclear weapons don’t work.” (Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer-prize winning author, The Making of the Atomic Bomb.)


He focused on one question…Can we ever get rid of nuclear weapons? As a historian, he has analyzed all of the arguments that say “no!” and finds them wrong. One common misconception is that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima provoked Japan’s unconditional surrender.  Careful examination of the writings of Japanese military leaders reveal it was rather the Soviet declaration of war against Japan and immediate invasion that caused the capitulation.  To save face, Japanese military ascribed their surrender to the bomb – an essential scientific excuse given the Japanese military culture which dictates an absolute no surrender policy.  He concluded that we are on the edge of a paradigm shift, a radical rethinking that banning these weapons is sensible and prudent.  I was shocked that he also said it is “good” weapons that win wars!

(VOW) Metta Spencer, Ward Wilson and (VOW) Anna Jaikaran

(VOW) Metta Spencer, Ward Wilson and (VOW) Anna Jaikaran