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Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sailing to Gaza – Again! Sunday June 14, 2 pm. Beit Zatoun, Toronto‏

Bob Lovelace, Canadian Delegate to Freedom Flotilla III
Along with BDS, the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza stands as an inspiration and an effective action seeking justice for Palestine. Against incredible odds both campaigns continue to triumph; sometimes small, sometimes large but always keeping the flame of justice and freedom for Palestine alive. Despite political or material sabotage by Israel or international forces, they continue to lead the way and enrol people the world over to the side of credible, effective non-violent action and solidarity with Palestine. After many criminal acts of state piracy in open sea, sabotage in international ports, imprisonment and even outright deadly assault on civilians, the Freedom Flotilla remains alive and is ever resilient.  The just launched Freedom Flotilla III is the most recent stage of international action to break the siege of Gaza which has been all but total since 2005.This event celebrates the courage and resilience of our solidarity.  It is also an opportunity to lend our support to Bob Lovelace, a member of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation (eastern Ontario), who is a Canadian delegate on the Freedom Flotilla III.  Bob has called Gaza “the world’s largest Indian reservation” and seeks to bring awareness to the parallel crimes and genocidal process.    In his words, “This is a frontline cause for peace and justice in the world.  Our liberation is joined with all peoples who experience oppression.  Canada’s colonial policies will never change internally as long as this nation continues to support and export colonialism around the world.”
Speakers include:
David Heap – Steering Committee member with the Canadian Boat to Gaza and Gaza’s Ark, he was on board the Tahrir when it was stopped by Greek authorities in July 2011, and again in November 2011 when seized by the Israeli navy.  Also joined the Estelle for part of its voyage in September 2012, and visited Gaza in October 2012.Robert Lovelace – Member of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, shipmate on the Tahrir, Canadian delegate on Freedom Flotilla 3, Activist and Professor in Global Development Studies, Queen’s University.

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Canadian Boat to Gaza  Bateau canadien pour Gaza
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