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Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Resolutions – VOW Annual General Meeting, November 2015


Resolution l

Membership Fee increase and restructuring

  1. Increase the suggested membership fee to $50 or PWYC, with the friendly amendments that a suggested student rate of $20 is maintained and the suggested associate member fee is increased to $50
  2. Restructure Ontario council to GTA council and open up opportunities for other Ontario chapters with the friendly amendment that the name GTA Chapter and geographical boundaries be discussed and confirmed by the Board
  3. Change the split of membership fees from 60 national/ 40 chapter to 60 chapter / 40 national save GTA council which would split 65 national / 35 chapter, with the friendly amendment that the National Board address how Ontario programs such as camps or other special projects are funded.
  4. With the friendly amendment that these financial changes are reviewed prior to the next AGM.


Resolution ll

Policy Discussion

Whereas the weaponization of autonomous robotics is a waste of resources and will tarnish the reputation of robotics; and

Whereas we are currently at the start of a new age in robotics where the potential for new technology to benefit humanity is boundless; and

Whereas focusing on the development of autonomous weapons systems will divert funding away from direct research and development of technology that would aid humanity and improve the lives of all.

Therefore, it is moved that the Canadian Voice of Women will call on the Canadian government to adopt policies to ensure  Canadian research and development are funnelled toward robotics and artificial intelligence technology that will build a better future through peaceful means. 


Resolution lll, lV, V


Whereas constructive multilateral engagement, conflict resolution through inclusive negotiations and expert, impartial third party facilitation, cooperative security building through arms control and disarmament treaties, and active engagement in UN-led peacekeeping and peace-building have been hallmarks of Canadian foreign policy until recent years; and

Whereas soft power policy options should be further development in should be further developed in consultation with interested civil society, including peace women, especially to strengthen efforts of prevention of war and violent conflict; and

Whereas the new Canadian government has already undertaken a number of feminist decisions including the appointment of equal number of men and women to cabinet, a decision that VOW applauds; and

Whereas the concept of feminist foreign policy is a premise, that is not entirely new, seeks to  systematically employ avenues of state collaboration and compromise, whether multilateral or bi-lateral, with a view to the pacific settlement of conflict; and

Whereas there is an immediate need for the new Canadian government to review international trade, global development and foreign affairs policy;

 Therefore, it is moved that the Canadian Voice of Women articulate and champion a feminist foreign policy that puts cooperative peacebuilding at its core and which seeks to fully engage women and men in its implementation.

Moved that the Voice of Women call on the Canadian Government to develop a new White Paper on Defense and a new public policy position on foreign policy with public consultation.

Moved that the Board develop a policy statement on these two motions in a manner that allows VOW to take timely action.

Resolution Vl, Vll, Vlll. lX

Moved that the Board develop a policy statement on these two motions in a manner that allows VOW to take timely action. 

Moved that VOW petition the Canadian Environmental Commissioner to audit military emissions.

Moved that all MPs and the Prime Minister are sent a letter based upon Tamara’s presentation.

Moved that VOW request to add Tamara to the Paris delegation.  [Note:  Tamara declined this opportunity as not the best use of limited funds.]

Moved that VOW develop relationships with MPs to request that MPs forward their questions in Parliament


Resolution X


Whereas was the Canadian Institute for Peace and Security, once supported research on peace education until it was  abruptly defunded; and

Whereas Canada lacks a formal framework for peace research

Moved that VOW urge the Canadian government to restore Canadian Institute for Peace and Security.