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Posted by on Apr 12, 2013 in Blogs

Reflections by Lara Von Madell

The Commission on the Status of Women


April 1st, 2013

  I feel so grateful and honoured to be a part of Voice of Women. Not only did they give me an opportunity of a life time, they have given me the spark and excitement for standing up for the rights of myself and others. The conference I attended in March, The Commission on the status of women, was truly remarkable. I don’t think I have ever been in a room full of so many inspirational women with so much wisdom and passion.

 Every day was a roller-coaster ride, my body hurtling through space.

Ideas, stories being hammered like piano keys onto my delicate heart.

 On the journey, you felt sick from the knowledge you gained each day,

  Realizing the pain so many women and children face,

 It takes your breath away.

 There were not always solutions, yet I feel hope

 When you look around the room at the brave women that rise above a culture, a belief, and came all

 The way to New York to represent their nation, I felt courage

We are a population that has finally found our voice

 We have rights, we have power, and though we struggle to be recognised, I am hopeful

 We will apologise

 To our selves

 To others

 It takes a culture to abuse a woman

 Move forwards, and move on

  I was exposed to so many ideas and stories that rumble through my heart.