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Recent newsletter from the World March of Women

WMW International Newsletter n. 04, December 2012

As we take a look back on the year 2012, the title of Joi Barrios’ poem “To be a Woman is to live in a Time of War” takes on a particular significance. This year, our sisters in Guatemala, Iran and Turkey have been the victims of criminalisation processes. We have accompanied the increasing aggression of Salafist militias towards the UGTT (Tunisian Trade Union Confederation) and, last week, the attack by the Israeli army on the Ramallah office of UPWC (Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees). We remain on the alert with regard to the occupation of Northern Mali by Islamic fundamentalists and the rebel offensives in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. We worry about the sisters with whom we march, and ask ourselves how we can strengthen our solidarity network to the point that we create the necessary conditions for them to drive forward the changes for which they struggle.

Throughout 2012 we have organised our resistance to the European Union’s austerity measures in the form of a continental campaign that demands the reorganisation of the economy and politics so that our lives are worth living. We support and share the resistance of our Northern Peruvian sisters against the Conga mining project and of so many other sisters in their own territories. These resistances are the basis for our rejection of the market’s false solutions to socio-environmental problems, and we expressed them strongly during the People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice mobilisations and assemblies, parallel to the Rio+20 UN conference. We also stand in solidarity – along with other women’s organisations and social movements – with the Palestinian people, in order that they may recover their territory, break down the walls, and live in justice and peace.

Neither extreme heat, nor extreme cold, have stopped us from occupying the streets once more at the end of this year: the energy that comes from our indignation, our dreams and the victories we have achieved has motivated us in our 24 Hours of Feminist Action around the World.

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