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Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in General News

PeacemakeHers Leadership Camp in Nova Scotia

Khadija Abawajy
NSVOW Student Intern
August 21, 2017

There could not have been a better place or group of people to have done NSVOW’s 2017 PeacemakeHers Leadership Camp with! All 10 campers were wonderful and engaging young women who shared their perspectives and current works on peace, feminism, and inclusivity! A sharing circle on Saturday where each attendee discussed an object of personal value to the group helped make everyone feel especially connected with the group! NSVOW was successful in creating a safe space for sharing and listening to heavy subject matter. We discussed local colonialization, broken promises and the attempted-genocide of Mikmaq people here in Halifax and other parts of Nova Scotia, which we followed with two rounds of talking circles as a debrief. Afterwards, Mikmaq elder Catherine Martin got us to spend 3 minutes pointing and laughing at each other after the circle so we wouldn’t get sucked into the horribleness of the past to be able to work towards change we are able to implement. We finished the night with a wonderful Spoken Word work-shop done by famous Halifax Spoken Word artist El Jones! We had an amazing cast of Presenters all throughout the weekend that each inspired our participants in the many different disciplines and implications of peace work! This camp was an invaluable experience to everyone involved – team, Presenters, volunteers, mentors, and campers!