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Ontario Peace Leadership Camp for Young Women

2017 Ontario Peace Leadership Camp – Friday, August 18-Sunday, August 20

Hockley Valley, Ontarion ( near Brampton).  Cost is a sliding scale of $50 – $150.

Register by email at

Telephone: 416-603-7915

Kasha Slavner talks about peace leadership summer camp
video by Katarzyna Kochany


Are you a young woman between the ages of 17 and 30?  Are you interested in Peace?

Ontario PeacemakeHers Leadership Camp for Young Women.  Our camp experience begins on Friday afternoon with an opportunity to get to know one another and  learn more about our organization – Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.  We end with a closing circle on Sunday afternoon.

 We offer experiential workshops to develop our peace building skills and familiarize ourselves with current events around the world and at home.  We learn about opportunities to be involved with other peace women as well as typical camp fun with bonfires, sing-alongs, dancing, great food and laughter.   

Since 2012, VOW has held leadership training summer camps across the country. The purpose is to engage, inspire and educate young women to become active leaders in peace making, providing an opportunity for VOW to build capacity for young women to become involved in women-centered peace-building efforts through the incorporation of a critical feminist analysis framework.

Camp Highlights

1.  The essential role of women’s voices in peace making and peacekeeping

2.  The need to include women in decision-making at all levels of government, including national and international peace negotiations

3.  The importance of including a feminist analysis, especially with respect to developing an understanding of peace and conflict through making links to personal lived experiences

4.  The importance of community and networking, which builds capacity, provides mutual support, and encourages diversity within the peace movement

In Ontario, our camp is at a beautiful retreat centre located in the Hockley Valley just an hour or so from Toronto.  A fun and unforgettable experience.


 Camper Testimonials

Alana Sarapnickas:  I wasn’t sure what to expect at VOW’s Peace Camp in 2015, I had never gone to one of VOW’s camp’s before and just began to get more involved in the organization months prior. I knew I would learn more about nuclear issues, local politics, and other initiatives that the leaders of the camp were involved in, but I learned that and so much more. We were presented with creative ideas on how to be peacefully active in our communities and how to create our own personal goals.  We learned more about issues in surrounding native communities from members themselves. We learned how to make meaningful connections with the people and the environment that were sharing our time and space with at the camp. I was blown away with the amount of empathy and kindness that was shared over the weekend, and I now understand the importance of connecting with people who share common goals. I will be attending VOW’s Peace Camp in 2016, and I am looking forward to sharing that weekend with new and old faces!

Yusur Al Bahrani:  VOW Peace summer camp experience has filled my life with inspirations. Few years ago, I joined VOW through the peace camp and now I am a national board member. The camp has helped me and other members to be VOW’s delegates during UN’s Commission on the Status of Women. Apart from developing my skills as a peace activist, I enjoy the camp as a participant and volunteer. It’s a safe space for young women to not only learn but share their views and voice their opinions. Every year the camp recharges me with positive energy. And I am looking forward for this summer’s camp: being in a circle of peace building women is the greatest part of the experience!

Ontario Peace Leadership Summer Camp for young women will be held an hour outside of Toronto, surrounded by the Bruce Trail, the Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, and the Hockley Valley Wildlife Reserve  click here for more information

As Canada’s longest standing national feminist peace organization, we take pride in providing means for young women to explore opportunities, careers and activism in peace. The next  Ontario Peace Leadership Summer Camp in August, 2017gives young women, who are passionate about peace and social change, the opportunity to engage in empowering and educational activities, while working with our inter-generational VOW members. Unfortunately, some women are unable to attend due to financial barriers. Your generous donations would allow us to welcome participants to our Peace Leadership Camp at no cost to them. The elimination of financial barriers will encourage youth engagement and help contribute to a new generation of peaceful leaders!  Click here to donate today

 Hockley Valley






Previous Camp Memories…

2016 memories
















2015 Peacemakers Summer Camp, Hockley Valley, Ontario – photos by Yusur Al Bahrani

Workshops in the sun

Workshops in the sun

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Peace Makers Summer Camp on Toronto Island Circle time

Peace Makers Summer Camp on Toronto Island Circle time

Build Peace, Prevent Terror

Build Peace, Prevent Terror

Peace Makers Summer Camp, Toronto Island, August 2014

Peace Makers Summer Camp, Toronto Island, August 2014

Learning, sharing and expanding our horizons

Learning, sharing and expanding our horizons









Altogether at the VOW peacemakers summer camp

Altogether at the VOW peacemakers summer camp, Toronto Island 2014

Fabulous and fun boat tour of the canals around Toronto Island with thanks to the Alton family

Fabulous and fun boat tour of the canals around Toronto Island with thanks to the Alton family








2013 Summer Camp

peacemaker summer camp 4 peacemaker summer camp 2 Peacemakers summer camp 1 Peacemakers summer camp 5