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Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in General News

Ontario Clean Air Alliance – “Quebec imports can save $1 million a year”

Angela Bischoff, the Outreach Director of Ontario Clean Air Alliance, spoke at our recent Conflict and Climate conference and inspired us all! Their most recent campaign is focused on preventing the rebuilding of 9 very old nuclear reactors, committing to 20 plus more years of nuclear energy in Ontario.

The OCAA information brochures state:

“Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) nuclear operations employ 5,083 people of which approximately 2,224 are directly or indirectly associated with the Darlington Nuclear Station which will come to the end of its life in 2020.

OPG is proposing to re-build the Darlington Nuclear Station to extend its service life to 2050. According to OPG’s “high-confidence” estimate, the cost of the re-build will be $12.9 billion. And OPG is asking the Government of Ontario to provide 100% of the financing for this project through both an equity investment and below-market rate financing. Therefore the cost to Ontario taxpayers of maintaining jobs at Darlington, beyond the year 2020, is at least $5.8 million per job.

However, every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone massively over budget — on average by 2.5 times. If the real cost of the Darlington Re-Build is 2.5 times greater than OPG’s estimate, the cost to Ontario taxpayers of maintaining jobs at Darlington will be $14.4 million per job.

Quebec produces some of the lowest cost electricity in North America, right on Ontario’s doorstep.

By bringing in renewable water power from Quebec instead of re-building our aging nuclear reactors, Ontario can save more than $1 billion a year on its electricity costs. That means consumers and businesses will save too, with lower bills and more reliable power.

Existing transmission lines between our two provinces can carry enough electricity to replace almost all of the power produced by the Darlington Nuclear Station. And Quebec has power to spare: It will soon have almost twice as much power as Darlington produces available for export.”


The well written document “Ontario’s Energy Conservation & Efficiency Budget versus the Darlington Re-Build Project” can be found here

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