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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Blogs

New board member Jennifer Elms

Jennifer Elms Bio PicJennifer Elms attended the Nova Scotia camp and has now become a Board member for VOW.
Voice of Women for Peace plays a significant role in strategic peace-building and international conflict resolution.  This organization provides the quintessential example of how feminist principles and the contribution of women can have a profound positive impact in the world.  VOW not only ensures that women are able to have input in crucial discussions about issues that affect them but that we are represented in all levels of society, even among the most prestigious decision-making bodies.  Safety, security, and freedom from violence are human rights to which all people are entitled and, due to the struggles with inequality that our gender have faced throughout history, women possess a unique and invaluable perspective to challenge threats to these rights.  Furthermore, I believe that it is imperative to have women speak out about women and for women on issues that affect them and this is especially vital in relation to peace and international conflict issues where women, in particular, are victimized on the basis of their gender.  Voice of Women for Peace holds a powerful role in advocating for peace and social justice through education, awareness-raising and collaboration by harnessing the inextricable connection that exists among all women so that we may work in solidarity to promote peace, nonviolent conflict resolution, nuclear disarmament and other issues of high importance in today’s world.

The PeacemakeHers Leadership Camp was a rare and exciting opportunity to not only gain incredible insight about pressing local, national and international women’s issues, but to connect with other Atlantic Canadian women with similar goals and perspectives to brainstorm new strategies for addressing these issues.  The camp offered a wealth of knowledge through informative lectures facilitated by compelling leaders; passionate discussions among insightful participants; and opportunities for collaboration that served as a significant source of inspiration and empowerment.  I saw the camp as a unique and unmissable event to further my knowledge and garner new skills to improve my ability as a human rights activist and global humanitarian.

As an active humanitarian, peace advocate and women’s rights activist, I am committed to the feminist principles and peacemaking efforts that are at the very core of Voice of Women for Peace.  The PeacemakeHers Leadership Camp and, more specifically, the inspiring women with whom I was acquainted during the camp, left me feeling empowered and motivated to become involved in the work of Voice of Women for Peace.  I am thrilled to become part of an integral group of advocates and leaders with whom I hope to make a significant contribution to strategic peace-building efforts and the eradication of violence in all its forms.