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Posted by on May 28, 2013 in General News

Media Advisory Kangaroo Warns Toronto!

Media Advisory

Kangaroo Warns Toronto!


A pretty kangaroo will be on walk-about in Toronto on Tuesday, May 28th telling Torontonians about a nuclear hearing taking place this week in nearby Pickering. You might catch her at City Hall, Queen’s Park, Dundas Square, the CN Tower, or maybe on the subway.


Katie wants people to know Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) hearings are “kangaroo courts.”


(Wikipedia definition: A kangaroo court is “a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted.”)


Many activists see the outcome of most CNSC hearings as foregone conclusions. In this one, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is asking for CNSC’s okay to re-license reactors to exceed their 210,000-hour “design life.”


Many NGOs will speak out against this at Pickering’s Recreation Complex on May 29/30/31, citing safety concerns.


Some will quote Thierry Vandal, former head of Hydro Québec, who said earlier this year

“I would no more operate Gentilly-2 beyond 210,000 hours than I would climb onto an airplane that does not have its permits and that does not meet the standards. So, it is out of question to put anyone, i.e. us, the workers, the public, and the company, in a situation of risk in the nuclear realm.”


There will also be much talk about inadequate emergency planning. Arnie Gundersen, global nuclear expert with Fairewinds Associates, has said “The nearness of Toronto to the Pickering site and the emergency evacuation it might necessitate should, in and of themselves, be reason to deny a license renewal. Simply put, in a serious accident at Pickering, the Ontario government would find it impossible to evacuate Toronto.”


Katie Kangaroo will provide passersby with information & tips on how to speak up themselves. Be friendly – Katie’s a long way from home!


Photo Opportunities on Tuesday afternoon:


  • Queen’s Park – noon
  • Dundas Square
  • City Hall
  • CN Tower




For more information & details:


Janet McNeill, 647.207.3208