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Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 in Blogs, Uncategorized

To E. May: $35 B NSPS is wrong-headed- I agree w Tamara Lorincz

To Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament

From:  Jan Slakov, Board of Directors, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

Dear Elizabeth,

I just read Tamara’s letters to you and other political leaders on her website:

I agree with the letter and would like to quote especially this paragraph:

“We cannot waste tax dollars, time and resources on warships and fighter jets, tanks, armed drones and military
interventions. As the Earth Charter declared, we must “Demilitarize national security systems to the level of a
non-provocative defense posture, and convert military resources to peaceful purposes, including ecological
restoration” (16c). As well, we can more prudently deal with marine challenges under the UN Convention on the
Law of the Sea instead of with warships. Will you reverse your support of the warship contract? Will you stand up
to inflated military spending and call for a re-allocation of federal spending away from warships to Canadians’

I am was thinking about this letter, I realized I feel I am learning more and more about the power of nonviolence. I think you know about that power too. … I think we can teach and learn with others to see and to cultivate this power. Then we will be free of the need to squander precious resources on more military equipment, virtually all of which contributes hugely to the climate crisis.

I look forward to seeing how you respond to Tamara’s letter (even if I hate giving you more work to do!)

Sincere best wishes, Jan

Salt Spring I. BC
V8K 1P5

PS You’ll be happy to know that the letter-writing group that Marcelle announced when you spoke here on Jan. 21 is underway now. Our first appeal if for letters to MPs to urge them to take up your invitation for cross-party cooperation, something we feel is essential in the face of the climate crisis.