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Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in General News

Lethal Arms Sales From Canada to the Ukraine

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace objects strongly to the Canadian Government’s recent decision to break a twenty-six year de-facto embargo on lethal weapons sales to Ukraine. By adding Ukraine to the  Automatic Firearms Country Control List, the government can and will permit Canadian arms manufacturers to sell Ukraine automatic firearms and devices otherwise prohibited under the criminal code. According to the KyivPost, Canada posted its decision on the official government website on Dec 13,  the day after U.S. President Donald Trump signed the U.S. defense appropriations bill for the fiscal year 2018 on Dec.12, authorizing $350 million in military aid for Ukraine next year.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to return Canada to peacekeeping. Exporting lethal weapons to a country with a smouldering conflict near the borders of one of the two most heavily nuclear armed nations on earth is neither peacemaking nor peacekeeping. We urge the Canadian Government to reverse their dangerous decision and instead contribute diplomacy, another skill Canadians used to be proud of, to assist all involved parties to build on earlier negotiated agreements and find a peaceful solution.