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Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in General News

Last Chance to Register for VOW Conference and AGM

Conflict and Climate:  Changing Course NOW

Our AGM & Conference Weekend is happening THIS WEEK November 7th-9th, 2014 in Toronto!

DON’T MISS Sunday’s Conference
Special guests include:

Keynote Speaker Joanna Kerr from Greenpeace 
“Stopping climate change and environmental degradation are the most urgent priorities of my generation”

Emily Gilbert from the University of Toronto
Gilbert is an Associate Professor, cross-appointed between the Canadian Studies Program and the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto… She has become interested in the militarization of the Arctic, as border politics heat up because of the impacts of climate change.

Sheila Zurbrigg an Independent Health History Teacher
“The implications of global warming for the modern portion of this health trajectory are enormous, with climate destabilisation affecting global weather systems, rain patterns, agricultural harvests, and thus directly food security.The risks are profound, and most poorly understood amongst ‘northern’ societies, the principal drivers of climate change.”

There will be BEAUTIFUL music to be heard this weekend:

Sarah Marlowe will be performing with her band Davaar at the Friday Night Informal Dinner at Friend’s House.

Eve Goldberg will be performing in our night to honour peace workers at the Saturday Night Awards Dinner.

** There are a few tickets left for the Awards Dinner, Saturday Night November 8, 2014**

REGISTER NOW, click here.

For further information please click the links below:
Informal Dinner & Music – Fri Nov 7, 2014
Annual General Meeting – Saturday Nov 8, 2014
Awards Dinner – Saturday Night Nov 8, 2014
Conference, Conflict and Climate: Changing Course NOW! – Sunday Nov 9, 2014