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Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Kasha – Day 1, Part 2 – UN CSW


Day 1 part 2

Reporting on the second half of the day. I went to the Human Rights Activism Through Art and Film workshop put on by Women’s UN Report Network ( WUNRN) and the Women News Network  which featured great documentary films and wonderful speakers. There were so many eye-opening issues presented, some including gendercide and a recurring theme today, sexual assault. There was a great film-maker/director from Toronto, Tiffany Hsiung. Tiffany made a documentary called ‘Within Every Woman’ which discusses war crimes that were committed against women, also known as “comfort women” who are women and girls forced into prostitution  in the second world war by the Japanese army. Girls as young as me, or even younger. I was shocked and appalled.  Later  tonight I went to the Canadian government reception for all the Canadian NGO’s. There, I had the opportunity to meet great people working on important issues. I also met with the Minister of the Status of  Women, Rona Ambrose. Here are some pictures of the night..