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Posted by on Aug 14, 2017 in General News

Hiroshima Survivor Submits Emergency Appeal to Mayor Tory re Nuclear Weapon Dangers


Hiroshima Survivor Setsuko Thurlow handed over an emergency appeal for Mayor John Tory at the August 6 Hiroshima Nagasaki commemoration at the City Hall Peace Garden. The emergency appeal asks that the Mayor have the Board of Health hold a public hearing on the dangers to Toronto posed by nuclear weapons.
Thurlow presented the emergency appeal to City Councillor Chin Lee who read the Mayor’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day proclamation in his absence.

In his proclamation, Mayor Tory recalled that Toronto has been a member of Mayors for Peace since 1983 and custodian of the Peace Garden since 1984.

“Each year on August 6, we remember the individuals who died from the immediate effects of the attacks and all those who suffered thereafter,” the Mayor stated in his proclamation. “This day also serves as a reminder of the horrific effects of the use of atomic bombs, the need to find non-violent solutions for world issues and the call for the abolition and prohibition of nuclear weapons.”

The emergency appeal to the Mayor was endorsed by the Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Coalition, the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Physicians for Global Survival, Science for Peace, Project Ploughshares, Peace Magazine, Toronto Article 9, the Toronto Area Interfaith Council, Soka Gakkai International Canada, Pax Christi, the Quaker Social Action Committee, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, the Ontario Chapter of the Sierra Club and Greenpeace.

In her communication to Mayor Tory, Thurlow enclosed Elizabeth Renzetti’s two-page profile of her published in the Globe and Mail the day before.

Thurlow has been lobbying City Council since founding Hiroshima Nagasaki Relived in Toronto in 1975. Referring to the appeal to have the Board of Health hold a public hearing on nuclear weapon dangers, she affirms, “We have the right to be heard.”