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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in General News

Help the Students of Bahrain

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Help the students of Bahrain:
On March 27, 2011 police raided Jassim Al Hulaibi’s home at
2 am. They terrorized the children and arbitrarily arrested Al
Hulaibi. Numerous police cars surrounded his home. They
started beating him, and dragged him out of his home in
front of his parents and siblings. They forced him into the
car, and started insulting him. Arbitrary arrests became part
of the daily routine in the lives of people in Bahrain.
Al Hulaibi was a brilliant first year student at Bahrain
Teachers’ College with an excellent academic report and
outstanding conduct. Instead of rewarding him for his great
work, the government of Bahrain sentenced him to 15 years
in prison. Al Hulaibi’s family didn’t know his whereabouts for
one month. During the first two weeks of his arrest, Al
Hulaibi was subject to torture and ill treatment. His eyes
were covered and his hands were always tied with plastic
tapes. Prison guards would beat him regularly. All
confessions were taken under torture. He remains in prison.
Students and workers have been subjected to systematic
oppression since the beginning of the Bahraini revolution
(and even before that). Amnesty International states: “At
least 4,000 people who stayed away from their jobs during
the arrest or were believed to have participated in the
protests were sacked or suspended, including nearly 300
from the state-owned Bahrain Petroleum Company. Dozens
of students were dismissed from universities, and others
studying abroad had their grants suspended.”
There are many students like Al Hulaibi who are facing
unbelievable sentences for exercising their rights to freedom
of expression. Some of them haven’t even protested, but
ended up in prison during the crackdown and the military
rule of the Bahraini government and Saudi forces. The most
brutal crackdown on Bahraini students started on March 13,