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Posted by on Oct 14, 2014 in General News

The Hague Round Table on the De-legitimization of War

The think tank will be hosted by Canadian Voice of Women for Peace under the guidance of Maja Groff. VOW co-chair Janis Alton will be attending, as well as VOW members Tamara Lorincz and Joan Russow.

Concept Background Paper:

The Hague Round Table on the De-legitimization of War

October 18 and 19 (Saturday and Sunday), 2014

The Hague Round Table is now less than one month away! The meeting is in the format of an expert Round Table. There will be short presentations from the various participants, but the intention is to have a discussion-based meeting. Representatives (up to two) from an organization may attend the meeting.

I. Key Objective: To convene a focused, substance-based Round Table in The Hague (the “International City of Peace and Justice”) on the topic of the De-legitimization of War, from legal, socio-political and cultural perspectives, in order to diagnose the status quo, and to conduct open brainstorming about medium to long-term avenues of activity and insight in this area, drawing upon the resources of international law and key international institutions. An important objective of the Round Table would be to learn about and take advantage of the important international legal institutions in The Hague.

II. Outcomes: The main goal would be to facilitate open discussions that serve as a foundation for future broader dialogue / activity of civil society groups on this topic, including if they wish to engage more with international law / international legal institutions. Concrete outcomes from this specific meeting could include:

– A written meeting summary report;
– An academic article on the topic;
– Further planned initiatives / events that arise out of brainstorming at the session;
– A plan for a second conference or larger Round Table event building on the theme, if desired.

III. Format: 2 days with 20-30 participants

IV. NGO / Institutional Partners:

– Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), Canada (confirmed)
– International Peace Bureau (IPB) (confirmed)
– International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP) (confirmed)
– International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) (confirmed)
– International Institute for Peace Education (IIPE) (confirmed)
– Movement for the Abolition of War (MAW), United Kingdom (confirmed)
– World Federalist Movement (WFM) (confirmed)
– Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Netherlands (confirmed)
– Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) (confirmed)
– World Beyond War (WBW) (confirmed)
– Spanish Association for International Human Rights Law (SSIHRL/ AEDIDH) (re: the Human Right to Peace) (confirmed)
– Progressio Foundation (re: Businesses for Peace) (confirmed)

V. Legal Participants (practising international lawyers and academics, participating in their personal capacities):

– Permanent Court of Arbitration (confirmed)
– International Court of Justice (confirmed)
– International Criminal Court, Cambodia Tribunal, Special Tribunal for Lebanon (confirmed)
– International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (confirmed)
– Hague Conference on Private International Law (confirmed)
– Disarmament and Non-Proliferation academic (TBC)

VI. Tentative Agenda Items:

– The state of international law on the issue of legality and legitimacy of “war” (e.g., use of force, UN Charter, etc.) & international disarmament
– Delineating sociological /cultural notions of “war” and contemporary public discourse; effects of education for peace and initiatives for culture of peace
– The state of NGO activity on these issues (key campaign focus areas)
– The state of media coverage / engagement with these issues
– The state of international organization (e.g., UN, ICC, etc.) activity in this area
– Brainstorming on the types of “narratives” needed in order to engage with the public, policy makers and international legal professionals on this theme
– The need for further legal / institutional attention to this issue (e.g., ICC, ICJ, UN Security Council reform, etc.)
– Future activities, initiatives & discussions (by NGOs or otherwise) on this theme (e.g., Human Right to Peace, international “constitutionality” and use of force / war, etc.)

VII. Venue:

Confirmed: The Bertha von Suttner NGO Building, Laan van Meerdervoort 70, 2517AN, The Hague

The fourth floor shared NGO meeting room holds 30-35 individuals.


**Recent confirmation of the participation of Johan Galtung, of Norway, considered the “Father of Peace Research.” He will bring news of his more radical current project on the criminalization of war. He is based out of Malaysia at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

**Short presentations from each of the NGO / civil society organization attending are scheduled for Saturday morning.