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Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in General News

Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Dear IPB members and supporters,

Times change, and with them, our reactions to events.

1. The dates: This year’s Global Day/GDAMS will not in fact be a day but a fortnight! For diverse reasons it will be held from April 5th- 18th. On the 5th, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) will publish the global military expenditure figures for 2015, together with its analysis of the trends. The 18th is Tax Day in the USA, a traditional moment in the calendar for civil society to challenge the uses put to public money. This new style ‘Global Day’ offers our participants more scope to choose a suitable moment to organise events that fit local or national contexts. As usual, IPB will publish all events that are notified to us as being within the GDAMS framework. Please remember to get the dates listed in your publications and website calendars!

2. The context
Recent (and continuing) terrorist attacks and the militaristic responses of several governments have created a rather new context for our actions on military spending. I say ‘rather new’ since clearly this is more an intensification than an entirely new phenomenon. But the random violence and the extreme ideology of Islamic State has led many people to support the ongoing military campaigns – and therefore the increased budgets to support them. Nevertheless I believe there are large sections of the population who have serious doubts about the wisdom of the policies enunciated by François Hollande and other Western leaders. I invite you to read IPB’s statement Tackling Terror on the IPB website.  It is not the last word on the subject but it does set out some elements of a nonviolent response.
IPB urges our partners to discuss with colleagues and feed back to us your thoughts, in particular as to how it may affect our Campaign. Remember that we now have an all-year-round mobilization (GCOMS), and there is no need to wait for the Global Day to go public with your ideas, your protests, your witness. We encourage everyone to reach out as widely as possible to other sectors of the civil society to draw in support for our message, and to help organise really effective GDAMS events.

3. The Congress
As I hope you know, this year is a special one for IPB and for the Global Campaign on Military Spending. We will hold a major world congress around these themes, in Berlin, on Sept 30-Oct 3rd. The title is: Disarm! For a Climate of Peace: Creating an Action Agenda. As the name suggests, the issue of financial resources to tackle climate change will be a live issue long after COP 21. In the runup period, IPB conducted a daily social media effort to get the military issue into the COP 21 debate. See: Meanwhile we are also working with members and partners in many cities to organise ‘prepcomms’ in advance of the Congress. These can be on any topic, and can take many forms. We hope that the GDAMS 2016 period will be an opportunity for generating media and public attention, not only to the issues but also to the Congress. Let us know your plans!

4. The website
The campaign website (including reports on all previous GDAMS editions) is back in action after some weeks off-line. The Facebook page is also working.

5. The committee
We have reconvened the International Steering Committee that has worked successfully over the past few years in helping the IPB Secretariat with the coordination.
The USA coordinator this year will be Joseph Gerson, replacing Mary Zerkel, both of American Friends Service Committee (Quakers). Joe is also a member of the IPB Board, and a very experienced peace activist and organiser – we are delighted to have him in the team.

Good luck with your work and your preparations!

Colin Archer
International Peace Bureau
41 rue de Zürich
1201 Geneva

The International Peace Bureau is a global network dedicated to the vision of a World Without War. We are a Nobel Peace Laureate (1910), and 13 of our officers have also been recipients of the Prize. Our 300 member organisations in 70 countries, and individual members, form a global network bringing together expertise and campaigning experience in a common cause.  IPB has UN Consultative Status and is the Secretariat for the NGO Committee for Disarmament (Geneva). Our main programme centres on Disarmament for Sustainable Development, of which the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS) is a key part.  Coming events in 2016: Global Day of Action on Military Spending – April.  and  Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – world conference, Berlin, Sept 30-Oct 3.