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Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in Blogs, General News

Funds to Address Climate Change Not Militarism

Sajjan hints at New Money for Military after Washington Visit






by Joan Russow

As The Doom’s Day clock  moves  to 2 ½ Minutes to Midnight  because of threats of climate change and nuclear arms, the discrepancy, in Canada, between funds proposed for militarism to satisfy NATO’s demands and those spent to address obligations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate  Change (UNFCCC) , widens. Rather than doubling the military budget to 2% of GDP, Canada  should withdraw from NATO, a nuclear arms  alliance that espouses nuclear policies that violate the Non-proliferation  Treaty (NPT), should  increase funds to address climate change and discharge obligations  under the UNFCCC. and  should support, at the UN, the drafting of a Treaty to Abolish Nuclear Arms.


Over forty years ago, under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada  affirmed the following in relation to the military budget: “The waste and misuse of resources in war and armaments should be prevented. All countries should make a firm commitment to promote general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control, in particular in the field of nuclear disarmament. Part of the resources thus released should be utilized so as to achieve a better quality of life for humanity ” (II, 12 Habitat 1 1976).