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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in General News

from Lyn Adamson re: Attack on Libyan embassy, Sept. 12

RE: attack on Libyan embassy, Sept 12

It is indeed tragic that our foreign policy and that of the US has focused on a ‘war on terror’ since 9/11.  Sadly it has been a ‘war of terror’ for those who have experienced the horrific attacks and  a prolonged war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Yesterday there was more violence,  which may be followed by even more violent attacks.  Can’t we see that responding to violence with more violence is not working?


What we are missing is an understanding of how our actions and reactions can either build toward peace, or destabilize any prospects for peace. There is a body of research in the field of conflict resolution that could help our governments map out a peacebuilding path.  With the trillions that are spent on weapons and war we could surely build more friendly relations with countries around the world by investing in meeting human and environmental needs.  Current policies sadly reinforce polarization and extremism.  We could be supporting moderate political movements through nonviolent means.  These movements toward peace and reconciliation exist in every part of the world, but are largely ignored by current government approaches.


The arms trade is a powerful lobby.  We need an even strong people’s lobby.  The Canadian Peace Initiative invited all of us to get involved in building a more peaceful world.  Let your MP know you want to see a different approach for a safer future for all.


Lyn Adamson


Canadian Voice of Women for Peace  (

(founding member of the Canadian Peace Initiative,


671A Vaughan Rd.

Toronto M6E 2Y4