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Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in General News

Footage smuggled from the Estelle refutes Israel’s claims that attack on civilian boats is peaceful

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Footage smuggled from the Estelle
refutes Israel’s claims that attack on civilian boats is peaceful

Last week, video footage smuggled by the passengers of the Swedish Ship to Gaza, the Estelle, was digitally restored and released.  The video shows how Israeli masked commandos violently attacked and tasered peaceful civilian activists including members of parliament.

Smuggled footage and interviews as shown on Swedish TV4 (with English subtitles):

Canadian Jim Manly, former MP and retired United Church minister, was on Estelle when the ship was hijacked in international waters last October. He was jailed for four days in an Israeli prison. (

In its attempt to cover up its actions, Israel always confiscates all media and data storage devices found on the many ships it has attacked over the past years.  Those ships’ only crime has been to peacefully challenge Israel’s illegal and inhuman blockade of the tiny Gaza Strip – a blockade, which makes Gaza the world’s largest prison.

The Israeli commandos are shown concealing their identity in fear of international prosecution.  It is for that same reason that Israel does not want any proof of its actions to be seen by the world.  It is the truth Israel fears, not the fictitious weapons it claims such missions are carrying.

Despite these proven acts of violence and threats we remain as determined as ever to continue our work on Gaza’s Ark and to sail against the illegal Israeli blockade, with your help.

You can become a part of Gaza’s Ark by purchasing a symbolic share, a Share in Hope, here (

Visit our website ( to find out more and how you can help make Gaza’s Ark a reality and/or simply make a donation here (

In solidarity
Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee

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