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Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in General News

Emily Gilbert – Conflict and Climate: Changing Course NOW!

Emily Gilbert was a guest speaker discussing militarization at our conference on November 9, Conflict and Climate: Changing Course NOW!

Gilbert discussed her paper published through the University of Toronto titled “The Militarization of Climate Change.” In the presentation she emphasized the seductiveness of militarization. Gilbert shared the shocking military initiatives on methods of defence and killing in a more “green” manner, such as “Green Bullets” made of copper not lead. She stated facetiously, so when you shoot someone and they are killed the remaining bullet will not then poison the earth. Green initiatives must become a world focus, however the military’s primary negative carbon impact on climate, not to mention the human condition, is overlooked with these minute efforts. The military is not held accountable for their carbon emissions. Militarization is becoming a cultural imperative, when alternative peace efforts would reduce the cycle of violence and levels of climate change.

Emily Gilbert is an Associate Professor, cross-appointed between the Canadian Studies Program and the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. Her research addresses the changing politics of the Canadian border, especially its increasing securitization and the implications for citizenship and immigration. Through this work she has become interested in the militarization of the Arctic, as border politics heat up because of the impacts of climate change.

Gilbert’s powerpoint notes can be found here.

Thank you Emily Gilbert for attending VOW’s conference.