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Posted by on Jan 18, 2016 in General News

CUSJ Board votes to work to end the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories.




DATE: 18 January, 2016


CUSJ Board votes to work to end the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories.

Israel’s continued expansion of settlements and destruction of Palestinian homes and villages must stop!


TORONTO – The Board of the Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice (CUSJ) voted in December 2015 to join with

the many civil society organizations around the world who are protesting Israel’s blatant violation of international law and Palestinian human rights through peaceful boycott. CUSJ supports the equal worth and dignity and right to peace and security for both Jewish and Palestinian people.  “There will be no peace without justice, fairness, and full democratic and human rights for Palestinians,”stated CUSJ President, Margaret Rao.  

“Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice, advocating Unitarian Principles, adopts a formal stance in favour of: 1) a boycott of products from companies, regardless of origin, that participate in Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories; 2) a cultural boycott in which performing artists refuse to perform in Israel until it ends the occupation; and 3) a ban on federal and provincial state-funded lending to for-profit companies operating in the Occupied Territories, and to any organization materially supporting the destruction of Palestinian homes or expansion of illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories.

The continued destruction of Palestinian homes and villages, and, since June 1967, the greatly increased expansion of Israeli settlements into the Occupied Territories–Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem–contravene  international law. Thus, multinational and Israeli companies are violating international law by investing in or profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

On November 11th, 2015 the European Union issued new guidelines, requiring products from illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to carry the word “settlement” on the label.  

“The CUSJ cannot sit idly by,” commented Bill Woolverton, CUSJ Board member from Nanaimo, B.C.         “Peace will not be possible if Palestinian children have no hope for the future,” noted Andy Blair,    board member from Halifax.

Further information on this CUSJ action campaign can be found at


To learn more about CUSJ’s position on the Israeli Occupation, please contact:
Margaret Rao, CUSJ President

Phone: (416) 658-0998

CUSJ is a national, liberal religious organization. Its members work to defend and promote Unitarian principles, such as the inherent worth and dignity of every person, justice and equity in human relations, democracy, peace, and freedom for all.

 Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice

  P.O. Box 40011, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0W8

  President, Margaret Rao