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Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Climate is Everyone’s Concern

I picked up the paper on April 23 and was shocked to find not a single story or photo of Earth Day, no column, no reference at all. This was the 45th anniversary of a date that shook history and ushered in decades of environmental legislation and growing understanding of our connection with the Earth and our depending on healthy air, water, and soil.

I know there were events happening on Earth Day because I was part of one. On Parliament Hill concerned citizens held a banner “Hungry for Climate Leadership” and delivered a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on behalf of 35 civil society organizations. We fasted from Monday till Wednesday and held meetings with MPs and senators to call for climate action on three essential points: end fossil fuel subsidies; put a price on carbon; and develop a renewable energy plan for Canada. Some 130 MPs and 15 senators have pledged their commitment to these urgent changes.

In Toronto Step UP Canada and Toronto 350 held a “Human Hashtags” event at city hall square, and in the evening Citizens Climate Lobby held a comedy night fundraiser “Romancing the Planet” and launched their Earth Too campaign.

The Star has often been a leader in environmental coverage and advocacy. We urgently need you to play that role, especially this year leading up to a change of government in Canada, and the very important Paris peace talks that may determine whether we can reach a binding international agreement to keep temperature rise to under 2 degrees C.

Concerned citizens can and are taking action, but we are dependent on the media to carry our voice into the broader community.

Lyn Adamson, Toronto

Canadian Voice of Women co-chair

letter published in the Toronto Star published on Monday, April 27, 2015