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Posted by on Sep 27, 2014 in General News

CBC Radio Mainstreet Interview at VOW Novia Scotia Protest

From a CBC Radio Mainstreet Novia Scotia 90.5 FM broadcast, an interview on site at VOWs military spending protest in front of the Library in Downtown Halifax. VOW members Theresa Thomas, Elinor Egar Reynolds, and Linda Christiansen-Ruffman are interviewed on the purpose of their presence and what a 50% increase in military spending since the year 2000 means to Canadian citizens. The protest asked passers by to drop coins into cans based on where they would rather their money go towards, listing community development needs such as education, women and children, and arts and culture.

“I don’t know of any war that’s ever really solved the conflict that it was meant to solve, the problem is it perpetuates further conflicts, and that’s why the militarization just has to stop in my opinion.” – Linda Christiansen-Ruffman

The wonderful music in the background is sung by Erika Kulnys.

CBC Radio Mainstreet broadcasted the following audio story, thank you to Alex Mason for sharing the clip: