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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Blogs

Body, Mind, Massage: The Path to Peace

Tiffany Goskey is a member of the Board of Directors for VOW

By Tiffany Goskey

Inner Peace – a simple yet sometimes hard to achieve concept. Often our busy lives make it difficult to attain such a thing. Yet, according to Joanna Recine, a Licensed Massage Practitioner of, peace is within reach. It begins with the mind and the body is the tool. The healing power of massage inspired Joanna to develop her craft. Nine out of ten clients have reported that within 2 sessions issues related to depression, stress, bladder infection, and other physical ailments have completely disappeared.

This ‘wow’ factor is at the heart of Joanna’s practice. It’s what motivates her to bring change to her clients’ lives. What began as a massage business has developed into an art that not only inspires and but builds hope. Joanna states that the more people tune into their bodies, the more people can free themselves and move away from their self-sabotaging mind. According to Joanna, the most important aspect to opening yourself to inner peace is to quiet the mind and end the chatter. This will then help you to receive the healing you need.

Currently, Joanna works one on one with clients. But, as her practice evolves, she is developing interactive group workshops to help individuals learn how they can obtain peace from the body. On Joanna’s end, inner peace has helped her cultivate her creative skills while bringing healing to others. Her work within the healing arts has inspired her to develop products that are good for the mind, body and soul. She produces green products that are totally organic and free from hazardous chemicals as well as inspirational t-shirts that come with your own personal message or picture.

T-Shirt with a Message

I am inspired by Joanna’s interest in healing the mind through the body, and her new endeavour: t-shirts with a message. Her own creative design is a reflection of how she has overcome life obstacles. Although Joanna doesn’t draw the picture (this is outsourced), she has created a product that takes personal expression to the next level. The great thing with a shirt, as with life, you can change it whenever you want to!

Contact Joanna Recine directly to learn more about her products and services at

Joanna Recine